Pallet System for Pharmaceutical Cap Filling

In a recent project we were tasked with creating a custom solution for a cap filling for a customer in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Industry: Pharmaceutical
Product: Pharmaceutical Caps

The Solution: A Custom Dorner ERT®150 Pallet System 

  • Dorner ERT150 Precision Edge Roller Conveyor shuttles pallets with custom trays to a Lift & Locate 
  • A vacuum head then picks and places 6 lanes of caps (with 10 caps per lane) into each tray
  • The tray is then indexed to a second position and the process is repeated to fill the tray
  • The pallet then indexes to the next Lift & Locate station where the caps can be individually filled before continuing on in the automation process

This system was part of a joint project we worked on with Hoosier Feeder Company. The complete system provided cap filling, from bulk caps to filled product using a vibratory feeder bowl and inline horizontal track, the Dorner ERT150® Precision Edge Roller Conveyor, and a return roller conveyor.

Benefits of a Dorner ERT®150 Pallet System 

  • Clean, open roller design and are ISO Class 4 verified* for cleanrooms
  • No & low back pressure accumulation
  • No belts, reducing product contact and debris
  • Ideal for small & light-load assembly automation applications

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May 31, 2023