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Innovative Conveyor Automation Solutions at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, September 11-13, 2023

We're gearing up for an exciting showcase at PACK EXPO Las Vegas! Join us at Booth SL-5925 to see our latest solutions and discuss your automation needs.


Hoosier Conveyor Company & Hoosier Feeder Company Booth #SL-5925

We’ll have a variety of innovative conveyors on display:

  • Flexible Chain Conveyor System with Centrifugal Feeder: FlexMove Conveyors can accommodate almost any layout including tight spaces, multiple curves, elevation changes, jogs, and long runs. This system is orienting single-serve coffee pods for a versatile and adaptable solution that maximizes production speed while minimizing product loss.
  • Opposing Conveyor System: Using bi-directional conveyors, this system efficiently orients bulk packaging products. Its flexible design allows products to circulate until properly oriented and prepared for the next phase of production.
  • Ultimate Orienting Conveyor with Food Product Placement System: Our Ultimate Orienting Conveyor is designed for bulk food processing. The sanitary solution can provide an orienting and singulating solution for a wide range of food, bakery, and protein products including:

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