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FlexMove, Flexible Chain Conveyors

FlexMove flexible chain conveyors by Dorner are a versatile option designed to help you maximize your efficiency. They are ideal for a variety of applications including part handling, transfers, assembly automation, packaging, elevation changes, accumulation and more. 

FlexMove conveyors can accomodate almost any layout including tight spaces, mutiple curves, elevation changes, jogs, and long runs. 

FlexMove Conveyors are avaliable as a completed conveyor system or as parts for flexibility in your facility. Additionally we can integrate each system a variety of a variety of accessories and components from sensors and controls to hoppers, gates, and guiding to optimize efficiency and throughput.

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We specialize in producing high quality and efficient equipment that orients parts with orienting conveyor systems. We work with worldwide industries assisting them with our parts handling equipment. From custom built parts handling equipment to routine maintencace, service, installation and repair.

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