4 Ways a Flexible Chain Conveyor Can Improve Your Operations

Available in a variety of sizes and with an assortment of chain types, flexible chain conveyors can transport almost any product to enhance both production line efficiency and your overall facility. 

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Below are just four ways you can utilize a flexible chain conveyor to improve your operations: 

1. Create Line Egress 

Flexible chain conveyors are ideal for a variety of layouts including long runs, curves, and elevations. Using a quick up and down, arch design, you can easily create a walk-thru area for workers or forklifts to access machinery or other areas of the facility, all without disrupting production. This also eliminates the need for additional equipment like catwalks and crossovers and improves worker safety. 

2. Reduce Manufacturing Footprint

The versatility of flexible chain conveyors is unmatched. The compact design can handle complex layouts and tight spaces, reducing your overall footprint and allowing you to utilize that space in other ways. Additionally, by stacking the conveyors you can add additional lines and increase production without taking up valuable floor space.  


3. Improve Product Flow & Control

We have the capabilities to integrate accessories and components such as sensors, gates, chutes, pushers, pucks, and guiding to improve and manipulate the product flow as it comes down the line. Accurate positioning, flow, and routing with a conveyor line can increase speed, improve output, decrease product damage, and reduce the need for other equipment throughout the facility. 

4. Provide Accumulation Solutions

Bulk product can take up valuable floor space, whether it’s on a shelf, on a pallet, on the floor, or elsewhere. Production delays can also occur workers have to continuously load and reload the product onto the conveyor. Using a flexible chain conveyor in an alpine or spiral design can solve both these issues by creating an area for accumulation or buffering; all while keeping the production lines running. 

Flexible chain conveyors are ideal for a variety of industries including automation, material handling, packaging, medical, pharmaceutical, HBA, food and beverage, automotive, and many more. As an authorized Dorner partner, we stock multiple sizes of FlexMove® flexible chain conveyor components and custom build them for your exact layout. 

Contact us today to discuss your application and find out if a flexible chain conveyor can improve your facility. 

July 28th, 2022