Centrifugal Projects

Dog Bone Orienting Conveyor Feeder

Hoosier Conveyor Company created a dog bone orienting conveyor feeder. The conveyor feeder needed to be a multi-product feeder where they were able to feed dog bones varying in sizes and weight. The company was looking for an automated solution to their hand packaging line. Operators were loading two bones into a packaging machine which required numerous operators. The feed system fed the bones at 60+ parts per minute directly to the packaging line.

Food Grade Orienting Conveyor Feeder

Our patented food grade feeder singulates and orientates your bulk product for the next stage of your automation process. These systems are wash down friendly and can adhere to bakery and meat standards depending on the needs of the product.


Conveyor Projects

Conveyor Intergration of K-Cup Feeder

Alongside selling conveyors as a distributor, Hoosier Conveyor Company integrates conveyors with other systems to improve the overall automation of a location. When paired with a centrifugal feeder from Hoosier Feeder Company, our sister company, our conveyors were built and ready to be integrated for this K-Cup system that has multiple lines within the factory.


Modular Plastic Pallet Transfer System

This Pallet Transfer System is a conveyor integration project that Hoosier Conveyor Company undertook. The objective was to create a robotic load cell where the plastic pallet could be presented to the picker. Once the items were picked by the robot the pallet would be transferred back into rotation and ready for another round.

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