Custom 2200 Series Incline Conveyor Provides Simple Overflow Solution  

2200InclineThe Application

Recently, a customer needed a conveyor to handle the overflow and bulk storage of K-Cups being processed in a pre-feed system

The Solution

By customizing a Dorner 2200 Series cleated incline conveyor we were able to create a simple overflow system – maximizing uptime and reducing product loss

The Process & Details

  • The 2200 Series cleated conveyor was customized with fabricated Stainless-Steel guiding and sidewalls, adjustable inclined stands, and a perpendicular exit shoot
  • If a line malfunction is detected, the K-Cups are diverted to the incline conveyor
  • The K-cups are then recirculated back into the main storage elevator which allows the operator to assess the line and fix the issue without shutting down the entire process
  • The incline conveyor is equipped with a sensor that detects part level
    • If parts are detected the incline conveyor will run until it is clear of parts. This also indicates the line is back up and running
  • If the line is shut down, the shoot can be opened, and the product can be returned into the bottom tray and back to bulk storage  

2200ExitChuteFeatures & Specifications of the Custom 2200 Series System:

  • 14” wide, 6’ long 2200 Series conveyor
  • Incline range from 23.1 inches to 46.5 inches
  • Cleated fabric belt featuring Dorner’s industry leading v-guided belt tracking
  • Standard-load VFD gearmotor
  • Adjustable height stands with fixed foot pads
  • Custom fabricated 304 Stainless-Steel guarding, side walls, and exit chute

About 2200 Series Conveyors

Available in fabric belt and modular belt options, 2200 Series Conveyors are designed for small to medium part handling. 

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January 12th, 2023