Pack Expo International – Booth Sneak Peek!

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After 4 years, Pack Expo International is returning to Chicago, October 22-26. 

As the world’s largest showcase of packaging technology, Pack Expo International offers 4 days of networking, demonstrations, and education. It’s a can’t miss event! 

Check out this sneak peek of what we’ll have on display in Booth N-6136 and register today for FREE using our code.  PROMO CODE: 21K81

Hoosier Conveyor & Hoosier Feeder Booth N-6136

Hoosier Conveyor Company along with Hoosier Feeder Company will showcase 6 unique systems designed to singulate, orient, and automate packaging and processing applications. 

Ultimate Orienting Conveyor

Orienting Conveyors are designed to singulate and orient bulk product to prepare it for the next phase in the production process. Our Ultimate Orienting Conveyor is constructed of 304 stainless steel, is specifically designed for wipe down and high-pressure wash-down environments, and can be easily disassembled and reassembled for cleaning and maintenance. 


FlexMove Conveyors

FlexMove, flexible chain conveyors have a sleek, compact and modular frame. The unique design provides many benefits including the ability to handle complex layouts, easy attachment of accessories, guiding, and other components, and capability to handle long runs.  

Bi-Directional Conveyor System

Another way to orient bulk packaging product is to use bi-directional conveyors. The flexibility of the design allows for multiple parts to recirculate through the system until it is proper oriented and singulated and can exit or be presented to the next phase in the production line. 

Hoosier Feeder Centrifugal Feeder System

Centrifugal Feeders are the ideal high speed, “hands off" gentle parts orienting solution. Our standard rotary feeders can be tooled for an incredible range of parts, from large diameter lids, to medical components, disposable coffee pods, candy bars, trash bags, and more. 

Hoosier Feeder Nut Placement & Vibratory Feeder System

The Nut Placement mechanism is designed to take your nut feeder system to the next level by orienting the nut and then placing it in a point in space with all exterior surfaces open for processing.   

New Product ……..????

And of course, no show is complete without the debut of a NEW PRODUCT! Add us to your show planner and stop by Booth N-6136 to be among the first to see the newest product placement solution!  

Register for Free

Register for FREE using our code and make plans to come see us in in Chicago! PROMO CODE: 21K81


October 6th, 2022