Who We Are

Located in Knightstown, Indiana Hoosier Conveyor Company was born from the Hoosier Feeder Company family to help corner the market in the automation and feeder industry. Our products and services help companies to take the next step to automate their production line. We help to handle the first stage in the production line by feeding, separating and orienting the product so that it may begin its journey. We also help with any conveying solutions to help move their product from one stage to the next. Hoosier Conveyor Company is an integrator in the United States for Dorner. Meaning not only can we provide the equipment you need but that we can also custom tailor it for your specific needs. Together with our partners at Dorner and our sister company Hoosier Feeder Company there is no automation job that we can’t handle.

What Make Us Different

Our orienting conveyor feeder is a patented product that can change automation industry. With three different types, our orienting conveyor feeders can handle anything from heavy steel barings to sausage patties. Our heavy duty verison is robust with extra supports to handle the heaviest of products. While our food grade orienting conveyor adhears to strict hygenic guidelines that the food industry requires.

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