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Stainless-Steel Orienting Conveyor

Stainless-Steel Orientating Conveyors are a modified version of our Standard Orienting Conveyor. This sleek, stainless orientating and singulating solution is specifically designed for applications that require stainless-steel or corrosive environments. The compact design and high speeds produce a fast and efficient automation solution. 

Applications for the Stainless-Steel Orienting Conveyor include:

  • Health & Beauty Applications
  • Pharmaceutical Fulfillment
  • Pet Foods
  • Corrosive Environments
  • And More!

The Stainless-Steel Orientating Conveyor is constructed of 304 stainless-steel, is designed for dry, or light wipe-down applications. It features a bearing chain design and can be equipped with vision cameras or other accessories based on your application. For high-pressure wash-down or food-grade applications we also offer the Ultimate Orienting Conveyor.

Looking to improve your productivity and increase system uptime? Contact us today to find out if the Stainless-Steel Orienting Conveyor is the right solution for your application. 

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